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Mr. V. Muthamil Selvan

Computer Science and Engineering

2016 - 2017 Placed in NDOT, Coimbatore



M.Tech Information Technology

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Information Technology

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Information Technology

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Information Technology

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Computer Science and Engineering

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Computer Science and Engineering

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Electronics and Communication Engineering

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News & Events

IT Awareness and Linux System Administration

Computer Science and Engineering Department is organising one day seminar on "IT Awareness and Linux System Administration"

Resource Person: Mr. Karthik, (Network Engineer, Nokia, Bangalore)

Date : 01.09.17 (Friday)

Time: 11.00 AM to 4.30 PM

CSE Department welcomes all the faculites and students to participate in the program

Inauguration of Tactician - 2017 - Association of CSE Department

Tactician - 2017

Association of CSE Department

We the department of Computer Science and Engineering Inaugurated our students’ Association “TACTCIANS - 2017”. The TACTICIANS Association invited our beloved Chairman, Management Trustee, Principal, HDs of all the departments and Placement Director.

The Event begin with prayer song (Tamil Thai Vazthu) followed by lighting the kuthuvizakku. Welcome address given by Mr. P.N. Renjith (Assistant HD of CSE Department). Motto of the Association and Introduction of Office bearers by Mr. Srikanth J (Associate Professor of CSE Department). Ms. S. Sivasankari (President of TACTICIANS Association - 2017 read the pledge and repeated by other office bearers). Our beloved Principal has given special address with loads of input about Networking. He delivered the origin and meaning of the word ‘TACTICIAN’. Participants feel celebrated when he addressed the importance of International certifications and scope of IT jobs. Subsequently the session owed to the resource person of the day, Shri. Srinivas Pasupulati, Founder and CEO, Trecis Consultancy, delivered an effective lecture on Java programming and insights of IT sectors and job.

Technical Discussion with Mr. Shyam Velumani, Global Director of Sales & Marketing, VenPep Solutions

About the Event:

We the Department of Computer Science and Engineering arranged an invited talk of Mr.Shyam Velumani, Global Director of Sales & Marketing, Venpep Solutions through our beloved principal Dr.R.Radhakrishnan sir. Mr.Shyam is a student of our principal. The target audience of the event is Sasurie Geeks Forum members. 

The Event begins with a short introduction about Mr.Shyam by Mr. Srikanth J (Associate Professor of CSE Department). Mr.Shyam completed his undergrad at Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College, 2002-2006 Batch of B.Tech. and Masters with Hult International Business School and Harvard University. Mr.Shyam serves for various IT companies viz. IBM, Syntel, Procter & Gamble, VigCampaign and VenPEP Solutions.  

Mr. Shyam took the floor and addressed his personal experience with various industries and the present facet of IT Industry. Subsequently, he handled Q&A session. Ms.Mythili P of Final CSE concluded the event with a vote of thanks. 

Mr.Shyam visits Sasurie InfoTech(SIT)- A Software Development Cell passionately run by the CSE students of Sasurie College of Engineering and shares about skillset required these days in Industry. 

Britinity 2017 - IoT Workshop - Transforming your mind towards technology!

Britinity 2017 - IoT Workshop - Transforming your mind towards technology - is an Event to Provide Awareness about IoT.

 Not only Students even Staffs and New Admission +2 Students can also Participate in this event . 

Open Departments (Any Departments can Participates ).

Certificates will be provided for all Participants. 

Their is No Registration Fee only criteria is they should have any one of this Gadgets like Smartphones/Tab/Laptops.

Event Date : 17th & 18th (Two Days)

Timing : 09:00am - 04:00pm 

Venue : Sasurie Engineering , Vanjiepalayam -Tirupur 

No registration Fees

What is IoT?

Internet of Things (IoT) is an ecosystem of connected physical objects that are accessible through the internet. The ‘thing’ in IoT could be a person with a heart monitor or an automobile with built-in-sensors, i.e. objects that have been assigned an IP address and have the ability to collect and transfer data over a network without manual assistance or intervention. The embedded technology in the objects helps them to interact with internal states or the external environment, which in turn affects the decisions taken. 

A very Internet (IoT) Year 2017

Meanwhile it is an established tradition: over local and international internet organizations invite you to a joint Internet Year's event which will be held on Wednesday, May 17th 2017. From registry to research network, from identity and trust management to accessibility - and all the way back to hacking: you'll find plenty of interesting Games & Entertainment. Make sure you don't miss out, and put it in your calendar.

For Registration

Sasurie Talent Examination - 2017

Life of success emerges out from healthy and sound competitions. Competition is the only way for the students to shake lethargy; it is only a way of life to get introduced for manly worthiness. Standard height of healthy education the competition is the tonic for the promising and talented future.    Sasurie Talent Exam (STE) was conducted in our campus on 9th April 2017. The young blossoms from various schools had attended the exam and the total number of students who appeared for the exam was 150. The performance of the students in this examination was outstanding. Later our principal Dr.R.Radhakrishnan and our adviser Mr. Vijayan Rajkumar explained the benefits of attending talent exam and about MERIT scholarship worth INR 2 Crores. Later they were addressed by our students who got placed in top companies particularly Susmitha Palanisamy (Final year ECE Student who got placed in IVTL with the package of 5.5 lakhs per annum) motivated them and also gave the awareness about the placements. Next to that HOD's from various departments had explained their benefits and opportunities behind their department. Next to that we proudly took them to our stalls where we showcased our projects that we have developed so far. This event was a platform where we also self-motivated and the young blossoms were also get motivated to develop many projects. We thank all the young blossoms who visited on that day.

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