Sasurie Institutions

Lab Facilities

Engineering Practics Laboratory

  • Range Finder
  • Digital Megger
  • Live Wire Detector
  • Earth Fault Relay

Electrical Circuits Laboratory

  • DC Regulated Variable power supply
  • Function Generator
  • Dual Trace Oscilloscope

DC Machines Laboratory

  • Rectifier
  • 3 KW /220V DC Shunt Generator with DC Shunt Motor
  • 3 KW /220V DC Shunt Generator with DC Shunt Motor
  • 3 HP DC Shunt Motor
  • 3 HP DC Series Motor
  • 3 KW/220 V DC Compound Generator  with DC Shunt Motor
  • 5 HP/220 V DC Compound Generator with DC Shunt Motor
  • 3 phase Synchronous motor
  • Three phase VARIAC

Measurement and Instruments Laboratory

Control system Laboratory

AC Machines Laboratory

  • 3 phase Alternator - Salient pole
  • 3 phase Squirrel cage induction  motor
  • 3 phase Slip ring induction  motor
  • 3 phase auto Synchronous motor
  • 3 phase Synchronous motor
  • 3phase transformer
  • 3 phase Alternator – Non Salient pole
  • DC Series Generator

Power Electronics Laboratory

Power System Simulation Laboratory

  • MATLAB version 7.0
  • ETAB Software Version 5.5
  • Computer-33

Electronic Design Laboratory

  • Design and fabrication of Domestic UPS supply.
  • Design and fabrication of Driver circuit to drive an Electromagnetic relay using microprocessor kit.
  • Design and fabrication of an isolation circuit using optocoupler which is required for microcontroller kit.

Electrical Drives Laboratory

  • Induction motor speed control using FPGA
  • Stepped Control Brushless DC Motor
  • DSP Based Chopper Fed DC Motor Drive
  • Switched Reluctance Motor Drive DSP
  • PLC Based Drive With Induction Motor

Power Electronics and Drives Laboratory (PG)

  • Dual Converter Power Module
  • Three Phase IGBT Based Power Module
  • TMS 320LF2407A Based DSP Trainer Kit
  • Chopper  / Inverter PWM Controller
  • Condition Monitioring of
  • 3 Phase Induction Motor Kit
  • Re- Programmable Logic Devices & Programming FPGA Trainer Kit
  • Self Control Operation of 3 Phase ASM Drive Kit

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