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Networks Lab

DCT-03 Data communication trainer LTS-01 Local area network trainer USB adapter with Access point L-SIM & N- SIM Software's.

VLSI Design Lab

Xilinx Spartan 3E FPGA Trainer kit Multi-SIM Education version-Spice simulation.PLC Trainer with software Buck-boost Converters Fly-back Converters 89C Series Flash Micro Controller Wireless Data Modem.

Microprocessor and Microcontroller Lab

8051 Microcontroller kit LCD version 8085 Microprocessor kit LCD version 8086 Microprocessor kit LCD 8086 Trainer Kit LED Trainer DC Servo Motor AC Servo Motor LVDT Position Controller R.F Power Meter.

Analog and Digital Communication Lab

Delta, ADM, Delta Sigma Modulation Trainer Data formatting and Carrier Modulation Transmitter Trainer Carrier Demodulation and Data Re-formatting Receiver Trainer PAM, PPM, PWM, Modulation & Demodulation Trainer DSB / SSB AM Transmitter/Receiver Trainer FM Transmitter and Receiver Trainer 1GHZ Frequency counter Pulse Code Modulation / De – Modulation Kit.

Digital Signal Processing Lab

DSP TMS 320C50 kit MATLAB 7.0 DSP Trainer Kit TMS 320C3X DSP Trainer Kit TMS 320C50

Microwave Lab

Microwave Test Bench J Band Microwave Test Bench X Band X – Band Microwave Bench Gunn Source X – Band Microwave Bench Sico X Band Microwave Components Microwave power meter.

Optical Communication Lab

Advanced Fiber Optic Communication Kits including Transmitter, Receiver Advanced digital Communication Kits and Function Generators Fiber Optic Trainer Kit based on Laser Diode & Glass Fiber Fiber Optic Power Meter.

RF Communication lab

Spectrum analyzer R.F Communication Training system R.F Communication system 100MHz Dual Trace Oscilloscope.

Electron Devices and Circuits Lab

Digital Electronics Lab

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