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About the Department:

The Department of Science and Humanities has well experienced and dedicated faculty members who are working towards the needs of the First year students. They are mainly responsible for teaching basic engineering subjects.

The Department is headed by Mr. V. Mohanasundaram who is currently waiting for viva voce PhD in Bharathiar University. He has a total of 15 years in teaching profession, mostly at Engineering Colleges.

The department consists of the following subjects:

  • Mathematics
  • Engineering physics
  • Engineering chemistry
  • Technical English

Mathematics provides computing ability, knowledge of various equations in calculus, various quantitative methods. Knowledge and understanding of Mathematics is required for Engineers since in their later stages of engineering degrees, they directly depend on Mathematics by gaining specific knowledge of higher mathematics.

Engineering physics subject introduces concepts and theory which are must for an engineer. Electrical magnetic, dielectric semi conducting   and super conducting properties are also dealt in the subject. Engineering Physics provides basic understanding of various physical phenomena and how to use these ideas in different fields of engineering & technology.

Engineering chemistry deals with corrosion polymer technology and water technology. It is concerned with the study of wide range materials used for different purposes such as Construction in general, Generation and Transmission of Energy, Fuels and Lubricants, Various Industrial troubles like Corrosion, Boiler Troubles and Maintenance of equipment etc.

Technical English writing, pronunciation, building vocabulary and communication skills were dealt in English classes and in the English Lab. Our experienced English Faculty is outstanding in bringing innovative techniques and teach plethora of English spoken skills to the contentment of student mind-set.

Long Term Goal

To make the students better in attitude, ability and skills by applying practical exposure of basic science to enhance technical ideas.

Short Term Goal
  • To provide basic knowledge in science and advanced skills in language for encouraging the students to become a good engineer.
  • To create the students with value education and soft skills.
  • To inculcate the knowledge among the students to become a creative thinker.

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